Dr. Julia Haase Veterinarian

Our practice is a specialist

in horses

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Dr. Julia Haase

As a practicing veterinarian, I specialize in the treatment of horses. This means that in the Pinneberg, Steinburg and Segeberg regions I am not in competition with their colleagues for their treatment spectrum. My practice is located on the grounds of the Ahsbahs court. My team and I are mostly mobile to treat our patients. However, for the Ahsbahs-Hof the proximity to the veterinarian in- house is also an advantage. Since we are on the way as I said, I ask for appointments in the period from 8:00 clock to 9:00 clock Telefon 0172 242 23 57 Telefax 04127 1224

Das Team

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Icelandic horses from

the Mühlensee

As you can see from my practice shield, my love is also the horses, especially the Icelandic horses. I have several mares and a stallion at the house, who are also moved a lot by us. This is also possible in our area extensively, because there are a variety of marked riding trails.
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